Hughes introduces its new JUPITER Ka-band routers

Hughes Network Systems, a leading provider of satellite-based communications services, recently rolled out its Jupiter high-throughput technology to the global market, starting with the HN9600 and HN9800 Ka-band satellite routers.

The Ka-band routers use Jupiter’s technology for HughesNet’s Gen4 high-speed satellite Internet service in the United States. Avanti Communications and YahSat are two of the first international service providers to offer the new routers — Avanti on its Hylas 1 and 2 satellites over Africa, Europe and the Middle East, while YahSat on its Yahclick service in the Middle East, Africa and Southwest Asia.

In a company statement, Hughes President Pradman Kaul noted: “Jupiter high-throughput technology has exceeded expectations in powering growth of our new HughesNet Gen4 service launched last October — bringing faster speeds, greater capacity and a richer network experience to our North American customers. But Hughes is the global leader in Ka-band satellite communications, and so these new routers represent just the first steps in seeding Jupiter technology worldwide.”


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