C-COM debuts new Ka-band Flyaway Antenna

C-COM Satellite Systems, a global leader in providing auto deploy antennas, vehicle mounted antennas and other VSAT technology, exhibited its next-generation 75cm iNetVu FLY-75V Antenna — the first of its fleet of Ka-Band Flyaway Antennas.

The company’s newest product, which was introduced during the Satellite 2013 Exhibition, aims to deliver commercial broadband Ka-satellite service and is specifically designed to be in two rugged, lightweight cases for easy transportation. The antenna is intended for users in Europe and North America, with fully automated satellite acquisition and aims to provide a series of Ka-market verticals that need quick deployment by field people with who has minimal knowledge of antenna positioning. This includes disaster recovery, emergency services, Satellite News Gathering, and other high bandwidth apps.

In a statement, C-Com Satellite Systems CTO Bilal Awada noted, “the Fly-75V model is the first of a number of Ka Flyaway products to be introduced to the market shortly. The new FlyAway platform aims to be flexible, lightweight and scalable to serve emerging Ka- services around the world.”


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